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With the experience of the years

Your solutıon partner for Surface Protectıon

About Us

37 Years of Production Experience At Your Service

At 1984 we started commerce by producing school notebooks. At 2006 Aktaş Bant changed it’s core business to surface protection tape.

Since the beginning from our establishment we protect your surfaces to the outside conditions.


To find the best protective solution for your products here is our product range

Surface Protection Tape / Film

Protects the surface against scratches, impacts and UV lights.

Stretch Film

Pallets, cardboards and boxes can be protected against outside conditions.

We have all the protective solutions for your products.

Our Experience

Top Sectors We Serve

Wood Products

If you are Hardboard or MDF panel producer our solutions is best for you.

Metal and Metal Sheets

We carefully protect your Metal sheets and Sandwich Panels against transport and montaging conditions.

Automotive Industry

From Factory to the Dealership we protect your cars.

Your solution partner for Surface Protection